Continental Drift

June 17, 2010

Hit the ground running…

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Contrary to popular opinion (as voiced by a certain guest blogger) this page is not defunct. Perhaps, I must admit, that the hiatus was a bit longer than it might have been. But I plead the excuses of two vacations, one hot season (just be glad I didn’t waste your time moaning over how each time I took a drink of water, my entire body was drenched in an instantaneous sweat shower), and one computer meltdown. Regardless, I’m hitting the ground running on the MHOP front, as I face an immediate inundation of the endless little problems that plague the start-up NGO. I figure, I might as well use this momentum to put me back on a proper blogging course. So here I am, just saying hi. I’ll give you the headlines now, pictures and in depth coverage to follow.

The rains have started! The dust started blowing furiously this morning as Diallo poured our cafe au laits, so we ran for cover into the tailor’s shop to watch the skies darken and open up while children stripped and ran with their clothes in plastic bags to avoid getting irredeemably soaked. Rain here is not to be messed with.

Diallo has done a complete remodel on his cafe, and he’s just looking for a new name to complete the sign. If you have any suggestions (double-entendres using french words that somehow link to an american theme preferred), do comment below.

All the kids love their American presents, although I’m now afraid of being hit by the slingshot airplane I gave Bainy.

And, most importantly, the program is almost about to celebrate its 4th month birthday, and we’re expecting to implement the SMS medical records technology this coming week.

All in all, much more and much less has happened and changed since I left than I expected. Which is, of course, only to be expected.


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